Township of Roxbury approves new Monument Sign at Route 10 and Commerce Blvd

Roxbury Mall just received approval from the Roxbury Planning Board to add an additional monument sign at the intersection of Route 10 and Commerce Boulevard. In addition, the approvals provide for a new landscaping plan permitting us to remove trees along Route 10 and along Commerce Boulevard, substantially increasing our storefront and pylon sign visibility along Route 10 and Commerce Boulevard. The new plan will include landscaping features on the interior and perimeter of the Center.

As you are aware, we did a complete renovation to the building facades in the Center just a few years ago. We have recently upgraded the two pylon signs, one on Route 10 and one on Commerce Boulevard, with attractive new architectural details and improved LED lighting.

With the new landscaping plan, the visibility will now be unobstructed, and the new monument sign will afford more tenants enhanced roadside exposure.

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